Embroidery on pure flax

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antique needleworkLinen fabrics are different from all other counting tissue alternating weave strands of weft and warp, making it look like a wicker basket. The size of crosses on a tissue depends on the design masters, i.e. from, as warp threads or weft will cover stitch.

Pure linen fabrics come with interlacing 18, 25, 28, 32, 36 and 40 threads per inch, or 2,5 cm. Each fabric with a specific weave has its name.

«Cork» (Cork Linen) It has interlacing 18 filaments 2,5 cm. Most often, this fabric is white. As it is usually embroidered by one thread. Previously, "Cork" made with interlacing 19 filaments 2,5 cm, and now the standards have changed.

"Dublin" (Dublin) It is a grating, on 10 cm, which have 100 threads, and one inch - 2,5 see - get 25 threads. The fabric allows for a variety of patterns both with folk themes, and more refined motifs. According to experienced embroiderers, This fabric is very suitable for beginners to work with flax first. Usually embroidered on it through 2 fabric using yarn 2-3 floss thread.

"Keyşél" (Cashel) It has 28 threads per inch, 2,5 cm, and it is considered the most popular form of linen embroidery. If two strands to embroider cloth, will figure, similar to the one, that goes to the "Aide-14". "Keyshel" is available in a wide variety of colors.

«Belfast» (Belfast) - Linen fabric weave 32 nor 2,5 cm and a large variety of colors. This fabric as the basis for embroidery is preferred by many experienced masters. "Belfast" differs sufficiently dense weave, therefore it can perform quite miniature paintings. Usually the stitches on a fabric made by 2 nor, The resulting pattern resembles embroidery on "Aida-16".

Edinburgh Linen (Edinburgh) It has 36 yarns 2,5 cm, and with embroidery by 2 yarn fabric similar to the result of image, which turns on the "Aida-18". Work on such a fabric is very thin and graceful, so most of the county used for blouses, handkerchiefs, cuffs and collar.

'New Castle' (Newcastle) - This fabric began to produce relatively recently, therefore it may be difficult to find commercially. This county has a 40 yarns 2,5 cm, but, Unfortunately, color selection is limited only by the white. This fabric is selected, when they want to embroider something sophisticated and elegant.

Embroidering on linen, best to arrange it so, edging edge is to the left or right, but not above or below the work. Thus, direction of the embroidery will be placed along the warp. Sometimes it is difficult to determine, how to arrange the fabric, because there is no edge, then it should be done, guided by the threads of the warp and weft. To do this, pull each yarn extreme directions and compare their: and, which is more curved - warp

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