Embroidery on pure cotton

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3"Xardanger" (Hardanger) - Plain weave fabric, that is so, when in the warp and weft are two or one strand. This outline is commonly used to perform the frayed - a special embroidery technique with pulling threads, which is used for the decoration of tablecloths, napkins, towels. In tissue "Hardanger" embroidery and cross, half-cross embroidery and counting. The size of tissue cells depends on the willingness masters, that is, the quantity under the stitch yarns and may be one×1, 2×2, 3×3 yarn fabric.

"Davos" (Davos) It is made from 100% Cotton. On 10 See this tissue accounts for about 71 nor. Each thread repeatedly twisted, why the fabric is of particular strength. When washing it practically does not shrink and easy to Ironing. The yarns can be easily count or draw. Embroidered on a fabric can be in any technique. From it are obtained beautiful napkins, tablecloths, pictures.

"Soult" It consists of 100% cotton and contains about 87 cells 10 cm.

Suitable for making tablecloths, napkins, book covers, towels and other products. For embroidery on a fabric is best to choose the simplest motifs.

"Janïna" (Janina) It has 22 thread to 2.5cm, or 1 inch. Despite the fact that this fabric is counting, it looks like a normal canvas.

«Linda» (Linda) - Lightweight fabric weave 27 filaments 2,5 cm, which is used for sewing garments, tablecloths, napkins.

"Anabel" (Annabelle) – fabric with filaments of varying thickness, weave 28 filaments 2,5 cm and a slight sheen. This fabric can be used for sewing garments and embroidery.

"Jwbïle" (Jubilee) - Soft fabric weave 28 filaments 2,5 cm, or 1 inch. It may be different colors, sew clothes from it or use it for embroidery.

Stramin - Tough canvas for tapestry or embroidery products, carpet made in the art. This tissue is very dense, because it consists of strong threads, equally spaced. Stramin different special kind of weaving and processing: the two strands are at the base and two - in the weft, wherein one of the two strands in each direction is from the top, and the other - from the bottom. The fabric is similar to the grid, since the cells remain in her open. Most often, the fabric used for embroidery mats, pillows, Tapestry, bags and other solid products.

Kanvovaya fabric may be of different colors: white, Ivory, steel gray, Christmas red, orange, khaki, Black and other. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to buy in Russian stores, Nonetheless, canvas unusual colors are available in the online store or fabric paint yourself.

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