Tours in Sintra, Portugal

Sintra - a popular Portuguese resort. The city's history is rooted in the distant past. Sintra tourist attractive proximity to the capital,, a wide variety of leisure activities.

Nacional'nyj_dvorec_v_SintreIndependent travel in Sintra to organize a snap. Involvement in the preparation of travel travel agents have long ceased to be a necessity. Today Websites reservation let alone rent a room in any of the hotels of the city. Just as it's easy to buy tickets for any mode of transport.

The town of Sintra is not simply to include in the tour of country. It is so beautiful, that deserves more attention. Today spend the holidays can be anyone. Sintra attractive Location, historical heritage and natural attractions. As a matter of fact, this city is actually a suburb of Lisbon.

As for the historical landmarks, Sintra is one of Portugal's greatest Antiquities. The city declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was for many centuries the summer residence of the Kings of Portugal. Prior to that the town belonged to the Moorish rulers. Royal led to a majestic past, unique look Sintra. Here a great number of castles and palaces. Over the past 600 years at residence of monarchs and nobles ' houses are carefully kept the unique works of art, Houseware, clothes.

See all this splendor, you can, arriving in separate tour in Sintra. It is easy to reach the city. Today booking and sale of airline tickets to Lisbon via the Internet. On the site you want to choose a convenient time and affordable flight. From Lisbon to Sintra go buses. More comfortable mode of transport, taxi, It is also available to everyone.

The city fascinates at first sight. Passing through its streets, you will see palaces, locks, Mansions. To complete the picture, We recommend a walk to the Royal Palace is one of the main attractions of the city. The unique architectural ensemble of magnificent buildings will appreciate the skill of the architects of the 19th century. The palace has an interesting combination of several architectural styles. This jewel of Sintra, a real jewel of the collection of historical treasures.

Among the architectural attractions worth noting Convento dos Capuchos. This unusual housing cut down in the rock. Room it earlier had a finish of natural balsa wood. Today only some of its elements. The same attention worthy of the ancient Church of Sintra. The most beautiful are considered romance — St. Martin — and the Romano-Gothic-St. Mary. Many in the city and other places of interest. For example, Toy Museum. His collection consists of exhibits of the 16th-20th centuries. The Museum is a history book toy production in Portugal.

Sintra attracts travelers just the beauty of nature. The coastal area is very picturesque. With water Sintra looks amazing: Golden coastline with beaches and entertainment centers, medieval palaces amidst the mountains look very exotic. The city is considered a difficult resort. This is a known health resort in Portugal. Mixed mountain-sea air strengthens the immune system and helps gain strength.

Independent travel in Sintra will give you a lot of emotions. Planning a trip, consider the tourist seasons on the coast of Portugal. For example, on Online ticket booking price summer and winter are different. The peak tourist season falls in the May-October. At this time, book tickets and hotel rooms in advance, to avoid problems with travel and accommodation, Besides that, financially profitable.


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