Selection of fabrics for embroidery

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[adrotate group=”4″]01When choosing fabric, must be considered, how the product will be manufactured from it: clothes, household items and so on. The choice of fabric is highly dependent on, which technique will be used when embroidering, and on the quality of the thread.

Tablecloths, napkins and other products, used in everyday life, it is best to take the thick cotton, linen or rayon fabric. Fine fabrics are more suitable for beautiful scarves or those works, that will be placed in the frame.

Besides that, choice of fabric depends on the subject and the mood of the picture. For example, If you plan to embroider flowers or some gentle pattern, it is not recommended to take the rough foundation, and it is better to choose a more delicate fabrics, such as silk or fine cotton cloth. In a word, fabric should favorably emphasize the beauty of the embroidery pattern.

Usually this requires cross stitch fabric, number of transverse and longitudinal yarns on which 1 see the same. In this way, fabric structure is a grid of different density, thereby, You can embroider a smooth and accurate drawings.
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