Special woven fabrics for embroidery

[adrotate group=”4″]07There are special fabrics for embroidery, part of which may have different fiber. "Meran" (Meran), 'Arioza (Ariosa), "Lincoln" (Lincoln), "Tula" (Tulla) and "Klostern" (Klostern) are the same type of tissue, which include 60% artificial silk 40% Cotton. The color of the fabric is approximately the same. Beige tones can be a bit patchy, and all the rest - a flat. Fabrics differ enough density, therefore they are often used for making tablecloths, towels, napkins, curtains and other household items.

"Lincoln", "Tula" and "Klostern" similar to the "Aida". The density of the weave fabric "Klostern" - 7 filaments 2,5 cm, "Tula" - 10 filaments 2,5 cm, "Lincoln" - 14 filaments 2,5 cm. "Arioso" and "measure" are characterized by the usual interlacing, but they have a difference in density: Arioza - 20 and "measure" - 28 threads per inch, or 2,5 cm.

Fabrics "Goldaev" (Goldau) and "Till" (Such) possess a countable weave, but they are still woven shiny thread. They consist of such fabrics 55% artificial silk, 40% Cotton and 5% metal thread. There are two kinds of color such tissue: white with silver thread and cream with gold thread. The "Goldaev" interlacing 7 filaments 2,5 cm, and the "Tyllы" - 10.

"Jute" (Jute) It is a very strong fabric, which is called - jute and looks like an ordinary burlap. Weave a fabric - 12 threads per inch, 2,5 cm. Often it is used for embroidery "antique" or "country" style.[adrotate group=”5″]


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