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The number of free channels is limited, and the best and most interesting satellite channels - Pay. Expand the list of paid channels, you will have to pay a lot. The question arises: how to watch encrypted channels, and save money in the pocket?

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There is an exit - connect OTT.

Good day to all! Today I want to share a very interesting service television viewing on the Internet. I must say the service surcharge, but paying for it is so small, that minus the service for all the rest of it is difficult to call the pros.

OTTCLUB – Advantageously simple and not complicated.

So, get down. If you have high speed internet and reaches at least to the 5 Mbit / sec. Then you can safely try out this service in full. With this service you don't need to sit and pick up, where you establish profitable antenna or what packages to buy from the cable operator. Now you do not need to bother, there is a service «Ott Club», with everything and at the lowest price!

Stop advertising, I thought, let's talk about the merits of this service, which he very much.

Channel List.

List of channels from the service is very large, then all children's channels, sport, cognitive, News and movie channels, as well as of course all the federal channels CIS.

Sports Channels

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Learning channels

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Archive transmissions 3 day.

It happens very often, when you do not have time to watch your favorite show or television series, then try to look for an entry in the Internet. Stop – it is not necessary to do more. In service OTTClub There is an archive on 3 day and it is very convenient! Also, there is a function rewind.

Multiplatform service

What is the service like our whole family? For the, that you can watch on TV than anywhere if your device is connected to the Internet. You have a laptop or computer? Please visit the site and enjoy the view from the browser of your favorite devices. ottclub_128x1282015-08-26_ 004031

Do you have a tablet or phone, or may set-top box on the Android operating system? Don't worry download application Ottplay is прямо из play market. A! У Вас IPad или IPhone? And here is not the problem the same application available in ApStore. With this application you can view both live broadcast and archives of tv channels. If you have a smart TV by Samsung or LG, you can also use them to view live TV.

Pozaprosnaya billing.

Pay only for what, I looked. It is very comfortable, as we are all aware gone on vacation at the cottage, why should I pay for something, what I do not use. Usually all operators providing high-quality digital TV monthly fees of the average in Russia 200-400 rub. And if we do not buy packages of pay channels, it turns out quite a tidy sum. For example, My husband loves to watch football, and for a while we bought sports channels from cable television operator, for a fee, the total amount for which was about 500 rub. The service Ottclub this is not, we pay only for what, that nasmotrelsya. Share your experiences about somewhere in the month of May, my husband put on by 300 rub. and in August they run. According to my calculations, less than 100 rub. so good a month. Saving obvious! Currently watching one hour of television is only 0,0228 $/time. The service is also available monthly payment that will be 4,5 $/time, but in my opinion, it is not very convenient if you are certainly not for days watching TV =).


In general, all strongly advise that service OTTClub, frankly this market I have not yet met, You can only produce http service example://, but it is sharpened by Apple TV, which now stands 5000 rub. And then there's the view all tv channels online, archive 3 day, view on any modern device, for funny money. Fairy tale.

Join in OTTClub and enjoy all the benefits of this service

The site where you can watch films Online

Since today I spoke about watching videos, tell you another interesting and useful site TVCOK. TV which only recently learned. This service offers for watching movies online, in their catalog has all the latest news, cartoons, the latest serials 2015 year. Very pleased, intuitive site navigation and user-friendly advanced search, View all films and series made without registering on the site, that is very convenient. – a fresh approach to online movies! keep it up! This is all, Until next time!


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