Mixed cotton fabric

[adrotate group=”4″]04"Lugano" (Lugano) - One of the most famous among the fabric embroidery. It comes with interlacing 20 threads per inch, or 2,5 cm. Earlier this fabric called "Valerie" (Valerie). "Lugano" can also be interweaving 25 filaments 2,5 cm, 28 filaments 2,5 see - formerly called "Britney" (Brittney), and interweaving 32 yarns per inch, 2,5 cm. "Lugano" consists of about 50% cotton and the same amounts of other fibers.

Other counting fabric of mixed cotton fibers - "Vienna" (Vienna). On it you can embroider as a cross, embroidery and counting. Interlacing is a tissue 22 yarns per inch, or 2,5 cm. This fabric is available in different colors, many of which are especially brightness. It includes 62% Cotton and 38% the other fiber.[adrotate group=”5″]


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