Working with perforated paper

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09Cloth, surely, the most affordable and convenient material for embroidery, but do not underestimate the possibility of perforated paper, on which you can embroider various designs and made of her various crafts.

When working with perforated paper should take into account the quality of its right and wrong sides. If one side of the paper is smooth, that is it should be face. If both sides of the same, the embroider can be any of them. If between the crosses are vacant places, and the background can not be issued, then you need to follow, that between places embroidered pattern was not broach on the wrong side of the paper, otherwise they will be very clearly seen from the front. You can embroider on paper on hand or attaching it to the rack buttons.

It is best to work on fanfold paper suitable needle №26 and №24.

If the paper is torn during embroidery, it can be glued together with adhesive tape, and crosses in the future lay through the resulting layers - transparent tape will not be seen for embroidery. There is a special metallic perforated paper, and rough handling that its upper layer can begin to crumble.

To diversify the background colors for embroidery, perforated paper can be painted with resistant felt-tip pen or paint, that do not fade when exposed to sunlight.

The finished laminate and embroidery can be used as a bookmark or for other purposes, as such it will not istrepyvatsya. If in the process the paper is dirty, it is not necessary to purify water, and it is better to rub the contaminated sites eraser. Since the paper tends to absorb moisture and other substances and thus difficult to remove, Unlike tissue, work with it only need to clean hands. If the paper is wrinkled, it can be ironed iron and take it back the original look.

The edges of paper with embroidery can be neatly cut in a straight line or teeth, decorate or braid decorate the other way. If the reverse side is pasted backdrop - a piece of cloth or paper, - Handle the edges need only after, will be issued as the wrong side.

Very often perforated paper is used to make images, Miniatures, Christmas toys. In order to make a postcard of embroidered perforated paper, finished drawing trimmed on the edges and glued to the workpiece, made of colored paper. It is important to choose harmoniously combined pattern for embroidery. Interestingly it turns folding card with a picture, embroidered on fanfold paper, patterns and production versions can be found on the Internet.

Besides that, perforated paper great at 3D-embroidery, which can not be performed on tissues. Although, of course, Paper is not quite ideal for this kind of work, Nonetheless, something very simple it could happen. Paper is well formed, so the formation of ribs is not difficult, for starters, you can try to make a box for a ring or earrings.

Thus, as embroidery on fanfold paper is not popular in Russia, but at the same time, it gives great opportunities for implementing interesting ideas, this kind of needlework for many can be a very original and fun.

If fanfold paper is performed on the Christmas tree toy, It can be embroidered separately each part, and then glue them or stitch thread. The originality of this hand-made article give different background colors for individual pieces of paper.
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