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anchorEnglish firm Anchor (ANKOR) is one of the most popular manufacturers of embroidery kits, the history of which goes back more than 250 years. The company's products are exported to many countries. Anchor is part of the largest company Coats PLC. Architects won the love and devotion of his embroiderers accurately crafted design and beauty of works submitted. Diagrams a variety of subjects and topics, that allows you to reach a wider audience. The collection of Anchor are suitable for all ages and tastes. Teddy Bears will not leave anyone indifferent, from small to large. “Mia” striking splendor of colors, a "Royal Paris" suitable for the most refined and delicate nature. As for the difficulty level, we can safely say, every embroidery lover will find something interesting for yourself from the suggested pictures.

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фирма Bucilla уже более 150 years rightfully occupies a leading position in the production of kits for needlework. The company was founded in 1976 year David Cunningham. All this time embroidery kits Bucilla enjoy great popularity all over the world.

The kits of this manufacturer are of the highest quality and design, which employs professional artists, allowing the paintings to be refined and realistic. The storyline sets are very diverse, от городских и природных пейзажей до портретов и натюрмортов. Many embroiderers like to have in his collection such a beautiful work. It is worth noting, what sets perfectly formed: scheme, instruction, canvas, and most importantly – the original floss Bucilla. In the work, the complexity can cause small outline, but the true craftswomen will overcome all difficulties on the path to beauty.

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Безымянный4 Американская фирма Dimensions – это поистине «титан» в сфере рукоделия. For a comparatively short period of its existence, a little more 25 years, this manufacturer has managed to conquer the hearts of many knitters worldwide. Designers Dimensions try the most precise way to work out schemes, what is clear even a cursory glance at the work. Embroidery is striking in its realism and variety of themes. The choice of techniques will also delight the most exacting of masters: counted cross, countless cross, tapestry, surface, embroidery with ribbons and beads. A special place in embroidery techniques is, such as backstitch, cross, half-cross, which gives the work an approximation to the natural image. Each set includes a diagram, manual, palette original floss Dimensions. Threads from this manufacturer also are of high quality and variety of tint, due to this, the embroidery looks very original. It would seem, to embroider these beautiful pictures difficult, but it's not, Dimensions for considering the scheme, to the time spent at work was enjoyable and fun.

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БезымянныйКорейская фирма Dome начала свое становление в конце прошлого века в 90-е годы. For several years, started with a small Studio in Seoul, the firm gradually began to develop in full-scale production of kits for needlework. And despite very little experience on the world market, firm can easily compete with famous brands. In 2001 year, production was moved to China, which expanded production capacity and market. The design decision of artists delight with its beauty and fresh ideas. Picturesque landscapes, причудливые часики, pillow, flowers – all this of course can be a decoration of any interior.The kit includes embroidery of each color, canvas, original thread. Remarkably, производители подумали о покупателях и перевели мулине в несколько других палитр (DMC and Anchor), therefore, any seamstress will not be difficult to embroider the picture, where a large number of colors.

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Молдавская фирма Luca-S была основана Кишиневе в 90-е годы прошлого столетия семейной парой, the ballet of the State Academic dance ensemble "Joc". Hobbies embroidery of the national costumes, which was a small part, turned into a small family business. The impetus for this undertaking was the collection of embroidered paintings, that young couple saw in Spain. Over time, the small business grew into a large manufacturing, which are exported to more than 20 countries of the world. The love and devotion of a handy firm Luca-S has earned excellent quality suites and reasonable prices. Among the advantages of works is worth noting the choice of techniques, offered by the firm, it is usual counted cross stitch and tapestry, giving the masters the opportunity to perform embroidery in different forms. Also the good thing about a method of winding the floss, which does not get lost in the threads and stores their excellent quality intact. The story line is very diverse, в них включены и детские мотивы, и натюрморты, и картины по мотивам великих художников, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Van – Gogh.

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французская фирма Nimue ведёт свою историю с 2002 year. This relatively young company was founded by designer Annaïck Chauvel. The subjects of embroidery peculiar and bizarre, but this does not diminish their merits. Every year the popularity of this manufacturer is increasingly gaining momentum. This is due to the fact, the themes of the paintings are very dreamlike and mysterious. Apparently, дизайнера вдохновила жизнь кельтских народов, myths and legends. В большинстве своем на них изображены эльфы, dwarves, fairies, leprechauns. To complete these magnificent embroideries, the developer recommends using a linen or fabric with a dense weave. Canvas should be soft, pastel. To complete the image in the embroidery are usually used bells, bells, beading. The difficulties can be attributed to the use of the seam backstitch, as usually many, and sometimes different shades. But, if you overcome all difficulties, you can get great pleasure from stitching, besides, these paintings are ready to always attract the eye with their uniqueness.

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ывкрвеКомпания Риолис является, perhaps, most bright representative in the sphere of production of sets for embroidery. In his nearly 20-year history, the firm has earned the love and respect of knitters around the world for unsurpassed quality, the accuracy and diversity of topics sets. Also always pleased with the attractive prices embroidery, who can afford every craving creative people. The manufacturer also offers embroidery for every taste and experience: a series of "Bee" – designed for those just beginning their career, a series "Make itself" – the largest, includes various subjects – suitable for all ages and tastes, and, finally, series "Premium" – for the most industrious and refined natures. The package sets are always quality related products of Russian and foreign production. Thread, included in the kit can be wool, acrylic and cotton. Thus, each embroidery is executed in a unique manner, creating realism and accuracy. No doubt, each craftswomen in the collection is the work of the firm Riolis, because pass up such beautiful embroidery, it is impossible.

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RTO_new_200Московская фирма RTO появилась на просторах российского рынка чуть более 15 years ago. All these years, the company painstakingly working to create a unique design of its products. Firm produces goods for knitting, sewing, embroidery and other needlework. As for embroidery, designers are very careful to their customers, therefore, the project produced several times under the supervision of the artist to achieve a perfect result. It allows you to choose the exact number of colors, making the picture as realistic and artistic. All suites are equipped with high-quality materials, such as: мулине DMC на специальной планшетке, allowing you to keep the thread tidy; canvas to the background color; detailed instruction in Russian language, and, of course, scheme. The developers of the schemes cover a wide audience through a large variety of genres, от портретов и натюрмортов до пейзажей с флорой и фауной. The big advantage of sets for embroidery is the fact, the firm, taking care of customers, complement them with additional related products, for example – canvas with printed background, a clockwork with arrows, postcards and other. Many of the works presented series, that allows you to beautifully design the interior of several paintings with the same subject.

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Бельгийския фирма Vervaco ведет свой временной отсчет с 1949 year. It was founded by a seller of goods, accessories for knitting and embroidery – Jos Verachtert. Over the years, the business became a family and passed to his children, who continued his father's work. Currently, this is one of the best world manufacturers of products for needlework. Manufacture of sets for embroidery in Tunisia, where is the branch of the company. Range, offered by the manufacturer, very diverse. Each mistress may find something for the taste. This tapestry, and technique counted cross, and small mats. A special place is a collection of small cushions, depicting various subjects, from flowers to cartoon characters. But, pearl designer creations is, of course, серия картин в палитре Sepia. This series look so clear and realistic, it's hard to believe, there is 7 to 10 shades. Of course, this is the result of consummate craftsmen. To embroider the pattern extremely nice and easy due to the detailed diagrams and clear instructions. No doubt, любая работа фирмы Vervaco станет украшением любого дома, and can serve as a great gift.

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A young company Alice, there is with 2006 year. During this time, she managed to firmly establish itself in the leading position of modern industry Handicrafts. She has participated in national and international exhibitions and competitions and have only received positive feedback and evaluation. The company's aim is to preserve the traditions of this type of needlework, as cross-stitch and create further conditions for its development. Firm specializiruetsya in the production of sets for embroidery. If you embroider on the schemes of the company Alice, there is no doubt, what You get a great result. Because, it – always high quality materials (производитель использует комплектует наборы ассортиментом фирмы Gamma – мулине из 100% cotton, sizing canvas). Paintings developed based on the artists or in their original photos. As for the schema, it is very easy to read, since it has weak tinting, allowing you to use it even in low light. Starting to work with Alice, not notice, how time flies creative process, causing You have another work of his own execution.

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Чарiвна Мить

фирма Чаривна Мить – ярчайший представитель украинского рынка рукоделия. For a little more than 10-year history of its existence, the company has developed more than 700 schemes for an embroidery a variety of topics. Особое внимание дизайнеры уделяют пейзажам, натюрмортам и цветочным композициям. As well, among many excellent works, you can find a collection of schemes on Orthodox topics, среди которых иконы и картины по библейским мотивам. The color of the products is also pleasing to the eye, it is always juicy and colorful. Manufacturer offers the buyer to choose their own creativity to taste, among the various techniques, in the product range there are kits for embroidery ribbons, beading and embroidery partial. All kits are equipped with only high-quality materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Floss, included in each set may be different. The company prefers two manufacturers: британской фирме «Anchor» и российскому ПНК им. Kirov (Saint Petersburg). The developers of the company trying to get every detail in the set, to the time spent embroidering was fun and enjoyable.

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