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Vervaco - Cross Stitch SchemesBel′gijskiâ firm Vervaco maintains its temporary countdown with 1949 year. She founded a dry goods dealer, accessories for knitting and embroidery – Jos Verachtert. Over the years,, He became a family business and moved on to his children, who continued his father's work. Currently, It is one of the world's best manufacturers of products for needlework. Manufacture of sets for embroidery is in Tunisia, which is a subsidiary company. Range, proposed by the manufacturer, very diverse. Each needlewoman can find things to taste. This is a tapestry, Counted Cross and Technology, and small mats. A special place is a collection of small cushions, which depict various subjects, from flowers to cartoon characters. But, gem is a designer creations, of course, a series of paintings in a palette of sepia. The works in this series look so clear and realistic, it's hard to believe, there is used by 7 to 10 shades. Of course, It is the result of the unsurpassed master. Embroider pictures unusually pleasant and easy due to the scheme elaborated and clear instructions. Surely, any work of the firm Vervaco will decorate any House, and also can serve as a great gift.


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