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Firm Fascinating Myt -the brightest representative of the Ukrainian market of needlework. For a little more than 10-year history of its existence,, the company has developed more than 700 schemes for embroidery variety of subjects. Special attention to designers pay landscapes, natûrmortam and floral compositions. Also among the many great works can be found in the collection schemes Orthodox threads, among which icons and paintings on biblical explanation. Color solution products also nice pleases the eye, it is always juicy and colorful. The manufacturer offers to the buyer to choose their own creativity to taste, among the various techniques, You can find an assortment of sets for embroidery and ribbons, beading and embroidery part. All kits are equipped only with high quality materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Molyneux, included in each set may be different. The company prefers two manufacturers: British firm "Anchor" the OMV and Russian them. Kirov (St. Petersburg). The developers of the company are trying to think of every detail in the set, that the time spent at the embroidery was fun and enjoyable.

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