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Anchor - Scheme embroideryEnglish firm Anchor (ANKOR) is one of the most popular manufacturers of embroidery kits, the history of which goes back more than 250 years. The company's products are exported to many countries. Anchor is part of the largest company Coats PLC. Architects won the love and devotion of his embroiderers accurately crafted design and beauty of works submitted. Diagrams a variety of subjects and topics, that allows you to reach a wider audience. The collection of Anchor are suitable for all ages and tastes. Teddy Bears will not leave anyone indifferent, from small to large. “Mia” striking splendor of colors, a "Royal Paris" suitable for the most refined and delicate nature. As for the difficulty level, we can safely say, every embroidery lover will find something interesting for yourself from the suggested pictures.

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