Perforated paper for embroidery

[adrotate group=”4″]15Perforated paper is almost never used as a basis for embroidery in Russia, whereas in the West and in Europe it is very widely used. Especially popular it was at the end of the XIX century, and in the early twentieth century have completely forgotten about it. Today launched production of perforated paper for embroidery due to increased demand.

Earlier on fanfold paper carried any different sayings or phrases, such as religious, and used embroidery such as bookmarks, small wordstrips or pictures. This paper could be a different density, holes in it and placed at different distances from each other. Sheets perforated paper of the roll. IN 1840 , the standard density of the holes is 20-24 inch pieces, that is, 2,5 cm. Increasing the density of holes was very difficult, since the paper is still fragile material, which tears easily.

Plans and drawings hand-drawn on paper, and then embroidered wool or other threads. Letters resembled handwriting, embroidery was done mostly half-cross stitch and tapestry. The main colors of embroidery were different shades of red. In addition to the letters on the paper has embroidered flowers or vines, Entangling inscriptions. K 1880 It was developed special technology machine printing on perforated paper.

In the early twentieth century, interest in the perforated paper began to disappear, and it almost stopped making. However, by the end of the century it was resumed the production of paper for embroidery, which also began to apply a special scheme.

Embroidery on fanfold paper is well suited for those cases, when the work do not have time, since this type of craft does not require time-consuming. Besides that, edge perforated paper it is easy to handle, embroidery and she can take up very little space, wherein the pattern does not require filling embroidered crosses.

Working with paper is quite simple, it is only necessary to follow a few rules and understand, what kind of embroidery can not be performed on this material. Most of the perforated paper output corresponds to the canvas Aida-14, At the same time, not all threads may be used to work with it. For example, using a beam of floss thread with a large number of additions, paper can inadvertently break, so it is best to take the thread with fewer additions. Well suited soft, untwisted thread in two additions.

When working with perforated paper should consider the transitions from one color to another thread, because, if you look at the sun embroidery, can be seen pulling strings, as the paper - a very thin material. This should not be: You can seal the underside of the embroidery work at the end of another piece of paper or cloth.

Plans also need to choose carefully. It is best made of perforated paper toys, bookmarks and other items, where they can be collected from the individual embroidered details, it is almost impossible when sewing on the fabric.[adrotate group=”5″]


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