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Dear users of our site! Barely year three years, we made a new version of the site In recent weeks, we have been actively tested the updated site, and finally, We are pleased to introduce changes in the audience.

What is interesting in the new version of the site:

  • Design! Old design has existed unchanged for so long, that obsolete, While many liked it very much. In the new design, we tried to optimize the site for different ustroysta, site to look good on the computer, and on modern smartphones and tablets.
  • Upgraded features sort and search circuits. They have become much more convenient and informative.
  • We have completely redesigned our website forum, Now - it is a real social network, in which there is a large number of new features.
  • To discuss and resolve urgent issues was established topic on the forum "Questions regarding the website".

We have planned several new sections, we will gradually introduce them into the system and announce the news.

We look Waiting for your comments a new version of the site!

Thank you for being with us!

With care and love your



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  1. Tatyana 3 years ago

    Very pale font. Hard to read.

  2. river 3 years ago

    And you can not put your avatar?

  3. Signatasha 2 years ago

    Why a personal cabinet is unavailable? Already for a long time. The site visit is impossible reports “Go to the website of www/ cannot be, Since its identification data is encrypted, and Chrome can't handle them. This can happen due to network errors or attacks on the site.” Details sent to personal email

  4. Signatasha 2 years ago

    Login impossible not only through Chrome.


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