Materials for scrapbooking. The main selection criteria

Today, many off-line and on-line stores offer a huge selection of products for scrapbooking different quality from different manufacturers. Consider the basic criteria, which you need to choose one or other materials for scrapbooking.

img11Primarily, I want to note, that the quality of materials and tools, that you use to work, significant impact on the creative process, and the overall appearance of the product. For example, If you are using a shaped punch, which leaves ragged edges, then work with such a tool did not give pleasure, and the product will look sloppy.


There are many manufacturers of scrap paper - that US firms, and European, and domestic. the main thing, What you should pay attention to (besides, of course, drawing) – is the density, and print quality. If you're buying, a finger, you see, the paint is erased, the quality of this paper is poor. Note density, usually density scrap of paper varies from 120 to 180 g / m2. Thicker - it is cardboard. If you make a purchase from the online store, it is not always easy to assess the quality of the paper, therefore it is necessary to trust trusted manufacturers, eg, Authentic, BoBunny, EchoPark, SimpleStories, Graphic 45.


There are silicone and rubber stamps. It is believed, that silicone seals deteriorating rapidly, leave less clear trail, perishable. This depends on the quality of the material, and by his care. After using silicone seals should be thoroughly cleaned, Protect from direct sunlight and moisture, then they will last longer. If a large stamp, at work is not worth it to deform, bend, rastyagivat.Bolee dense texture rubber stamps often have a wooden base, they are easy to use. From experience I can say, that the thinner stamp, the faster it wears out and becomes unusable.

The ink or ink pads.

The quality of the ink depends on how clear and bright is the imprint of the stamp. For paper best to use water-based ink: they are well applied, I do not have a sharp odor. To work with plastic, cloth, or other porous surfaces are best suited alcohol-based ink, eg, Stazon ink from Tsukineko. The most common problem with the ink drying -Quick. Buying ink, you're hoping to take advantage of them more than once, so offensively, when they dry quickly because, they are few in the inkpad. There are situations, pillow when she comes into disrepair. So to save on ink is not necessary. Qualitative Distressink ink by Ranger or Colorboxot Clearsnap well applied, Long Do, they have a large range of colors. The first is good for toning and aged prints stamps, while the latter are suitable for good clear prints on paper.


Punches definitely should be of high quality, is a tool, which is not worth saving. At first, If the blade is not sharp enough Punch, the edges of the paper will be torn and dirty, that does not look aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, punch is used quite often, especially the corner or edge of the punch, so it should not come into disrepair after a couple of uses. When buying, pay attention to the density of the paper, which is recommended for use, tk. when you try to pierce a thick paper, even the best quality tool can deteriorate. If it is possible to test the product before buying, Use it. Punch should be easily pressed, cutting edge part must not leave gaps, hole must be the correct form.


When ordering chipborda often a problem, like bent or torn items. This is especially true of products, where a very thin delicate items. Therefore, these products should be well packed and are made of relatively dense material. If this deforestation, when it is necessary to squeeze out the elements of a wooden plate or cardboard, the probability, that the items damaged during delivery, less. But more likely, that you are to damage chipbord, when you extract, there is already dependent on your skill and the quality of the product.

Summarizing, I want to say, what materials for scrapbooking We should be selected good quality; If you really want to enjoy the pleasure of creativity, should choose proven brands of manufacturers and then your product will be above reproach.


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