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We interviewed the director general of the largest commission branded clothing store in St. Petersburg - read, what happened!

Shop of brand clothes in St. Petersburg offers its customers a new, original approach to things.

Do you have a new, beautiful things, which have long been gathering dust in the closet? And to you there is no one to give them?

We are happy to relieve you of the hassle and get you dress, sweaters, Skirt, pants and other garments at reasonable prices, that will suit both sides.

What we give you our boutique?

Firstly, is a great way to make money on its own unnecessary things, that little or no worn, not dressed for some reason. Secondly, it is an opportunity to release a wardrobe of clothes have ceased to please or boring, shoes and other things.



What you will find in our store?

Our pawnshop elite clothing offers its customers high-quality, beautiful things from famous brands at affordable prices. Only here you can buy really beautiful, "Expensive" clothes at low cost. They, who wants to look stylish, smartly, expensive, refined, always pick among the many outfits suitable option, that will satisfy the buyer in all respects: in terms of price and quality, color and style, type of tissue, and other important nuances. True fashionista certainly will be satisfied with a variety of things and the price offered.



Which categories of products presented in our store?

We offer our customers different kinds of clothes. Our catalog includes not only women's clothing, but also things for men and children, as well as numerous accessories: bags, bijouterie, glasses, Straps, purses, souvenirs and more. And all models of famous brands, popular brands. We have classic outfits for men and women for any occasion, and mass fashion, bright, modern things, which will allocate you from crowd, emphasize your uniqueness, will make you irresistible.

Also worth noting, what:

  • in our range of genuine things
  • Only natural materials
  • many brands represented in Russia only in our store
  • a huge range of goods
  • in our store are only professionals, that are sure to help and advise, create an ideal image
  • convenient store location (in the heart of the city)

This article was prepared with the support of the commission shop brand clothing KOMILFO-BUTIK



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