Drops for Weight Loss – Is it possible to?

Beautiful slim body has always been the object and purpose of dreams, both women, and men. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle, when a person spends much time at the computer or in the workplace in the office, and sports do not have time, absolutely not conducive to keeping the body in good physical shape.

Malnutrition - there is not enough food of plant origin, excess fat, are not transformed into energy, and remain in the body and are deposited in the form of adipose tissue.

All this leads to an increase in body weight and various diseases.

Action drops «Appetex» – Myth or reality?

To solve the problem of overweight produced a wide variety of funds. Progressive means on a huge market is a drop «Appetex», who studied a group of Swiss scientists under the direction of Dr. Pierre Niffergera. The value of these studies is, that they were carried out trials of a drug on a group of volunteers with positive results. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by the composition and confirmed by quality certificates, and the results can be seen after the first month of reception.
The compound developed by dieting and exercising will give tremendous results, who did not take long to wait!

Where to buy drops «Appetex» and price
The optimal price and quality is confirmed by the manufacturer can be expected only when purchasing goods through the official website.

Available for purchase for the residents of the CIS countries, Near Abroad, Germany and Israel.

Delivery is made by courier or through the post offices.

Do not purchase a drop on dubious websites, because of such a product manufacturer is not responsible and is not responsible for the consequences of their application. Reviews of drops Appetex on the Internet from people who have purchased a means of talking about his real action, so buy it only officially suppliers.

Price - 1290 rubles per vial 30ml. During the period of the shares held by the manufacturer may be additional discounts and price reduction.

The composition of the drops

Main components:

  • Osnova - talaja stipu strukturirovannaja, which is taken from a glacier in the Alps Stein Glacier. Its composition does not change the past 2000 years.
  • A large number of trace elements – zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, molybdenum, Selenium, iodine, iron, magnesium, Selenium, cobalt, phosphorus. These are the basic minerals, besides these there are other smaller amounts.
  • Alpine herbs, Widely used as traditional healers, and in the official medicine for burning fat and effective weight loss.

Basic herbs:

  • Alpine Carnation

It is composed of B vitamins, C, provitamin A, Omega-6, Omega 3, minerals - magnesium, zinc, Selenium, phosphorus, potassium. It has a tonic and bactericidal action;

  • Saxifrage bluish

As a part of: flavonoidы, Organic acids, vitamins and salts, glikozidы. The main effect - the normalization of metabolism.

The benefits and advantages of using drops «Appetex»

By using this unique means of the following occurs:

  • The body is saturated with essential trace elements. As a result of improved hair condition, skin, bones, body tissues;
  • Structured water contributes to enhanced lipolysis and the removal of excess fluid from the body, reducing swelling.
  • Extracts of Alpine herbs normalize metabolism and toning effect on the body. One of the main action - the suppression of isolation stomach hunger hormone - ghrelin and leptin stimulation of education - the hormone of satiety. Termination of synthesis of ghrelin reduces hunger and the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

This tool:

  • It does not cause addiction and dependency;
  • It contains only natural ingredients. No chemistry!
  • does not require a long grueling workouts. Supplement intake can simply physical exercise - walking, morning exercises, active physical labor;
  • receiving no effect on the nervous system and causes no stress;
  • weight loss occurs gradually, without spikes. It helps to normalize the metabolism, adjust the mechanism of occurrence of feelings of hunger and satiety. After receiving no fast set of weight lost;
  • gradual weight loss allows the skin to return to normal condition and does not form folds. The splitting of fat in the subcutaneous fat can remove the "orange peel".

Upon receipt of weight loss can be 8-10 kg per month.

Instructions for receiving and dosing

Accepted for 15 minutes before meals 10 drops in the morning and evening.

The effect will be improved, if the levee to combine with your favorite cup of freshly brewed organic coffee. This drink invigorates and activates metabolism, and improves the quality of blood.

If in the process of losing weight have a certain number of kilograms, which must be reset, the number of drops is calculated as follows::

  • goal 4-6 kg – by 10 drops. In the course of leave 1 packing;
  • goal 8-12 kg – by 20 drops. In the course required 2 bottle;
  • goal 15-22 kg – by 20 drops. On course for 2 months - 3-4 packing;
  • 30 and more – by 20 drops. Accepted 3-4 of the month. And need 5-7 packages.


Naturalness virtually eliminating contraindications and side effects. In determining the amount of weight, you want to throw, components of the program reception.

Only idiosyncrasy components may be a contraindication to the use of.

Original or fake?

To ensure the originality can only buy at the official site. It is here that provide the required certificate, which is the confirmation of the originality of the purchased product.

Is it worth a try?

If you wish to lose weight, improve health and cease to torment the body with numerous diets, you can buy drops «Appetex».

The effect of surprise and delight. Weight decrease, health will improve, pet clothing, which was postponed due to the small size, will return to the dressing room.

Status ease, Health, courage and the desire to conquer the world are constant companions


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