For those, who wants to learn to do needlework, cross stitch daunting task, but this is not so. This method is good because, what it does not require a large number of complex materials.

Invoice canvas

Канва Аида

Canvas called special fabric, designed for embroidery. This canvas in the form of alternate intersection of the threads. This intersection formed the cell. She looks like a grid.

In some cases it is necessary to embroider on the fabric, where there is no possibility to count the threads. Here comes to the aid of an outline. This material, in which threads interlace rarely. Invoice canvas laid on canvas, embroider. Canvas it comes in a variety of colors. Sold by the meter or in advance, cut into pieces.

Quality threads


Basis, where drawing is performed, specifies the type of thread. So, if the blade is thin, delicious, you must take a thin thread. In the case of using thick fabric, the embroidery is done in thick thread.

Cross stitching is performed most often thread-floss. They have a lot of positive qualities, namely:

  • made of pure natural cotton;
  • have a special glossy soft structure;
  • not very prone to tangling;
  • very handy when working with small cells.

Embroidery floss consists of six additions. They have no problem to disconnect and use the threads in any amount. These threads embroider:

  • pictures;
  • decorative and household items;
  • decoration;
  • things.

On sale they often do 8-10 meters. Every manufacturer in the color map represents a color palette thread floss. Room, rated the thread, rare, it is not repeated.

Quality threads entirely correspond to their assigned sample and the number in the color palette. The embroidery floss is of excellent quality there are a number of advantages:

  • impeccably smooth thickness throughout their length;
  • never fade;
  • do not fade.

These properties have a thread only the best manufacturers, which are the European brands are Anchor and DMC. The texture and quality of the floss from these manufacturers are perfection. Presented these products in a variety of colors.

Embroidery machine needles

For cross-stitching need to have special needles, having rounded the tip and oblong eyelet. Such needles easier and easier to fall into the hole of the canvas, without the threads of the fabric.

Needle size is selected depending on the number of strands of floss, threading the needle, and also from the rooms of the canvas. These needles come in various sizes – the smallest number 26, and the biggest number 13.

If stitching takes a thick cloth, it is convenient to work with ordinary needles, with the sharp end. They also perform the necessary basting.

The Hoop, frame


Round the Hoop are the most common and frequently used. They come in different sizes – is presented in the form of two hoops of different diameters.

The outline is superimposed on the bottom, on top is pressed a second Hoop. By means of a screw tightened they, thereby regulate the tension.

Very handy for embroidery is the Hoop on the stand. Using this kind of devices, embroidery can be performed with both hands, because there is no need to hold the Hoop.

Professional mistresses working on a large painting, doing embroidery machines. They constitute the frame on stands in different designs.

There are hoops:

  • Wooden with metal screw. They consist of an outer and inner circle.
  • Plastic screw, plastic. The structure is similar to wood.
  • Square. Represent the frame as a rectangle, which consists of two straps. Between them stretched the canvas.


To work, related to cross stitching, will need some scissors. It is best for these purposes to purchase a small, having sharpened ends. Such a scissors is necessary to cut only the thread and nothing more. In this case, this tool will last a long time. Tailor's scissors should be used for cutting fabric.

The scheme for embroidery


Those, who first decided to master the technique of cross-stitching, can take advantage of specially designed schemes. They can be purchased in stores for needlework. Thanks to this scheme, the preparation process will be significantly simplified and shortened in time. At the initial stage, need to buy a set of small size.

A schema is a piece of paper with the image of the future product, which is divided into small cells. In every cell, which corresponds to the cross, title, indicate thread color. Schemes are:

  • colored;
  • black and white.

They must be accompanied with the key. Details of the scheme can be found on the website Sometimes the key part of instruction, which shows how to do some crosses, and then all the work.

  1. Catherine 5 years ago

    I have a unique gorbochku where everything is stored- thread ,scheme,pencil for diagrams(to cross out what it says),scissors and canvas.high costs prevent children climbed

  2. Diana 4 years ago

    Agree, what threads need a quality, this is affecting the process. I then take What else is needed for cross-stitching? Patience and perseverance will not prevent) and desire of course, without it anywhere

  3. Anatoly 4 years ago

    Better not to save on the thread, buy quality. Will longer retain its color.

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