What you need for scrapbooking

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136373_600Scrapbooking - the highest level of craftsmanship, the easiest option manifestations which are called applique. The art of creating and album, postcards and books with his hands lets you use a variety of techniques, not only to stop the moment, but also to fill the space around it vivid detail.

Try to understand, you need to scrapbooking for beginners, Do I have to use special materials, or you can do at hand and where to buy materials for scrapbooking, if we buy them.

At first sight, much of, you need for scrapbooking, can be found at home, carefully look around. Indeed, hand almost always have the basic materials – cardboard and paper. During the manufacturing process is, that a randomly selected cardboard or wrong color, even worse, insufficiently tight and too loose, means, album for photos, manufactured therefrom, Sooner or later it deformed - and sooner, than later. That is why, without exception masters sooner or later come to, that used to begin their work a special board and carefully selected decorative paper, if not become a blank for notebooks and postcards. Billets really convenient because, that allow to create, is focused on technical tasks. There are such inexpensive blank, and they can be purchased in specialized stores - mainly, of course, online stores, such as labradosti.ru.

scrapbookingWhat you need for scrapbooking album, in addition to a cardboard base and decorative paper? Needless to say, various decorative elements: Buttons, metal studs-cap (bradsy), ribbons and lace, plaster figures and felt, ornaments of various materials, blёstky, Beads, pearl, metal pendants, Chips, chipbordy, Eyelets, clips and more, many more. Truly, a flight of fancy is not limited - are allowed any material, any form, Any size and methods of attachment, thing, to furnish all the elements of the subject organically combined with each other.

All this splendor must somehow attached to the base, and for this purpose a variety of adhesives. Glue stick, purpose adhesive and special adhesive for textiles, double sided tape, Melt glue and spray - this is an incomplete list of the types of glue, used in scrapbooking.

10049627The amazing albums produced on a combination of bulk parts and coloring agents - Black, all types of paints, Markers, pencils, including wax, crayons for coloring stamps etc.

Some non-specific tools you can buy in stores for the sale of office supplies - scissors, Punches, line (ordinary and curly), Stationery knife and pencil. To purchase a special tool again have to apply to the specialty shops - where you can buy just figured punches, scissors with scalloped edges, Stamps, boards for stamping, rubber roller and self-healing mat, on which a centimeter markings.

Making the first steps in scrapbooking is possible, using only publicly available materials and tools. As the development of this art will be necessary in a single instrument, in another - so, leisurely, and you will get a rich set of tools and a minimum set of luxurious materials.


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