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Registration on the website enhances the user experience of the website. Here are some of them.

  1. access to private user
  2. the ability to leave comments
  3. to participate in the discussion on the forum
  4. add any page to bookmarks
  5. publish articles
  6. post videos and photos
  7. exchange personal messages with other users of the website
  8. to download the scheme without delay

Registration on the website can be done in two ways.



Fill in the required fields

  • Fill in the login fields;
  • enter your email address;
  • create a password to log on to the website;
  • click the send button;
  • open your email confirm your registration by clicking on the link from the letter.


To simplify the registration procedure You can register on the site using social networking accounts, to do this, click on the icon of any social network registration form.


Select the account through which You log in on the website

Follow the instructions.

In order, to recover password You need to click on the link “To remind the password” of authorization form.


Enter your username or email, click the send button. On Your email there should be an email with a link allowing to generate a new password, follow the instructions.

If You encounter a message similar to the following

ERROR: Authorization failed, since Your IP blocked. Please, contact the administrator.

This can occur when multiple incorrect password is entered.

In this case, contact the administrator via the contact form of the website.

Free download diagrams on our site are available after 60-second wait. In order, to download the diagram for free follow the below instructions.

  1. Click on the tab “Download free embroidery scheme”. Click “Download a diagram of embroidery, with the expectation”.

    Click “download a diagram of embroidery, with the expectation”

  2. In the opened window, wait until the 60 second timer, then click on “Embroidery available for download”.

    Click “Embroidery available for download”

  3. To download the diagram, click “Click to download chart”. Don't forget that You can subscribe to site updates. Subscribe and stay always aware of new schemes on the website.

    Don't forget to subscribe to site updates.

  4. If you have trouble downloading schemes, window does not open or is not functioning timer, try use another browser. We recommend you to use Google chrome browser.

The download diagrams no waiting is performed for a nominal fee 2 RUB. This option is available only to registered users.

  1. To replenish the personal account of the user. In order, to recharge your account, click on the link “Refill” from the personal Cabinet in the side column of the site.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. After the personal account is replenished, You can download the scheme without delay. The cost of one download is 2 RUB. To download the diagram click on the “Download file (2 RUB)”.

    Download a diagram of embroidery without waiting

  4. Wait for the generation of individual links to download the file. Also, the download link will be sent to your email address, which was specified during registration.

    The download link will be sent to your email

Send us an email

Do You have any questions or suggestions? Write. We will try to make the site even better and easier.

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All circuits are provided for informational purposes only to assess the complexity of the work. They are not an exact replica of the original scheme. Schemes are not subject to commercial distribution, after downloading to your computer and review, we recommend to remove them.

Design: – Schemes of embroideries for every taste
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