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NIMUE - Cross Stitch SchemesThe French firm Nimue traces its history from the 2002 year. This is a relatively young company was founded by designer Annaïck Chauvel. Topics of embroidery peculiar and bizarre, but this does not diminish their merits. Every year, the popularity of this manufacturer more gaining momentum. This is, that the subject of the picture is very fabulous and mysterious. Apparently, Designer over the idea of their embroideries inspired life fantasy characters, Celtic peoples, Myths and legends. The majority of them Elves are depicted, gnomes, Fairy, leprechaun. To perform these magnificent embroideries developer recommends using linen or fabric with a tight weave. Canvas should be soft, pastel. To complete the image commonly used in embroidery bells, bells, beads and beads. To the complexity can be attributed to use seam backstitch, since it is usually a lot and sometimes different shades. But, If you overcome all difficulties, You can get great pleasure from embroidery, Besides these pictures as a finished product always attract the eye with their uniqueness.

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