Canvas – Aida. Characteristics, varieties.

Канва АидаCanvas "Aida" (Aida) – a special fabric for cross stitching, which is produced from natural 100% Cotton. Weaving this tissue consists of four yarns in the warp and weft four. In this fabric there are holes in the ground weave, and in which the needle is inserted at the time of embroidery. Number of holes, It may be different, the size of the holes indicates that the figure is after the title, eg: Aida-14 или Aida-18. The intersecting warp and weft, limited four holes, They called cells. Most often in the tissue "Aida" embroidered cross, tapestry stitch, half-cross, Beads , Counting embroidery.

Features varieties of fabric "Aida":

Name Canvas Number of cells
at 10 See fabric
Features canvas
Aida-8 ("Aida-children") 32 It features a wide square weave. Most often used for embroidery cross and half-cross.
Aida-11 ("Perl-Aida») 43 Suitable for the manufacture of tablecloths, book covers, napkins and other products. In this tissue often choose simple motifs.
Aida-14 («Stern-Aida" or Damascus) 55 The most popular type of canvas. On her embroidery as a refined and sophisticated motifs, and simpler folk patterns.
Aida-16 63 A cross between Aida-14 and Aida-18. Cells such fabric large enough, so it is easy to operate the craftswomen, who are visually impaired.
Aida-18 ('Fine-Aida' ili Damascus) 70 Cloth with small cells. Used for small cross stitch.
Aida-20 79 A very fine mesh, which is used for embroidery work of miniature tapestry stitch.

How to identify, how much fabric you need for embroidery?

Can be calculated as follows – the total size of the embroidery on each side need to add supply to the mat - if the work is great, the margin should be about 10 cm, and a little more to handle the edges - about 2 cm. Example: the size of the finished work is 300h400 crosses, Embroidery takes canvas Aida-18, which has 18 krestikov of 2,5 cm or 70 krestikov of 10 cm; this implies, that the overall size of the embroidery is 43h57 cm plus add on 10 refer to the size on all sides, for hems on mat, and 2 cm edging. Total turns a piece of cloth the size 55h69sm. If you do not want to do the math, you can use the online calculator for calculating the canvas. After counting the size will only purchase the fabric, eg, You can buy it in the online store embroidery and crafts. In addition it is in this store are a large number of other accessories and supplies for embroidery, as well as kits for vyshianiya.


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